Drink Outside the Box

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We’re so excited to announce that Virtual Vino is back! Discover the world’s hidden gems, sip on unique varietals, and elevate your palate with every bottle, curated by our in-house sommelier.

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a curious explorer, our carefully selected 6 pack collections promise to tantalize your taste buds and transport you to vineyards across continents. Get ready to drink outside the box!

Drink Outside the Box
"Tour De France" White Wine Mix Six

What Makes Virtual Vino Unique?

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Meet Our Sommelier

Sarra Brown, Sommelier

Introducing Sarra Brown, the passionate mind behind “drink outside the box,” driven by a profound love for all things wine! With two decades immersed in the wine industry, Sarra’s journey has been a dedicated exploration of grapes turned into a vibrant career. What truly sets Sarra apart is her commitment to bringing people together over a glass of wine.

A self-proclaimed food enthusiast, Sarra thrives on the art of blending wine and cuisine, seamlessly merging her two passions to orchestrate unforgettable experiences. Whether meticulously crafting wine menus for esteemed restaurants or expertly curating pairings for intimate gatherings, Sarra’s expertise shines through, underpinned by her WSET Level 3 certification—the hallmark of a seasoned sommelier, attained with distinction. And her thirst for knowledge knows no bounds; she eagerly anticipates embarking on the Level 4 Diploma in wines, further enriching her mastery of the craft.

With her guidance, Virtual Vino becomes more than just a place to buy wine—it’s a journey through vineyards and an opportunity to explore the senses. Don’t be intimidated by her knowledge; Sarra is friendly, approachable, and always ready to help you find your next favorite bottle.